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Louisiana Legends Fest
Frequently Asked Questions

Saturday, October 19, 2024
10 am to 6 pm

The third annual Louisiana Legends Festival is Saturday, October 19 downtown Homer. We receive questions regarding the festival, so we attempt to provide answers in this space. If you have a question, please send to lalegendsfest@gmail.com. All registrations and information can be found on this site.

Q – What is Louisiana Legends Fest?

A – The Louisiana Legends Festival (LLF) is a music, food, craft and art event held in Homer, Louisiana in October. 


Q- Who is Claiborne Unite Foundation, Inc.?

A – Claiborne Unite Foundation, Inc. (CUF)  is a coalition of people, business, civic, and charitable organizations in Claiborne Parish; combining common interest and pooled energy to boost economic development and support charitable causes in Claiborne Parish.  The 100% Volunteer Organization is governed by a 10-member board of directors that work throughout the year to produce a festival that is true to the mission of Claiborne Unite Foundation, Inc. 


Q-Who can be a member of Claiborne Unite Foundation, Inc.?

A – Anyone with an interest in the mission of CUF can attend a be part of Claiborne Unite Foundation, Inc.  One of the unique features of CUF most of the members are very involved in specific causes within Claiborne Parish, that join forces to promote the work of Claiborne Unite.


Q-What is the mission of Claiborne Unite Foundation, Inc.?

A – Develop tourism focused events that celebrate the history, people, and resources of Claiborne Parish; promoting economic development, building financial support for the parish charity network and enhance the positive image of Claiborne Parish.


Q – Why a music, food, craft, and art festival?

A – First, over 700,000 people live along the I-20 corridor between Vicksburg and Waskom.  You add in the area to central Louisiana and southern Arkansas and Claiborne Parish is a great destination for Day Travel.  Day travelers are event and adventure seekers, and live music, arts, crafts, and unique food offerings are on the top of their list.  Our five-year goal is to get 1% of that population to visit Claiborne Parish on a single day!


Q – I understand the stages, but what are the courts?

A – The designated courts are sections of the festival that highlight special reasons to visit or live in Claiborne Parish.  The courts are also used as marketing opportunities for area businesses that sponsor a court.  Please thank and support our court sponsors, they help keep the festival free of admission charges by covering the cost of the festival production.


Q – How do people hear about the festival?

A – You tell them!  The top two ways people heard about the festival last year was through word of mouth and social media.  This year we will have a marketing campaign that will spend nearly $20,000 promoting a visit to Claiborne Parish.  We need you to be a marketing agent for the festival, tell your friends!


Q – How can I raise money for my favorite non-profit at LLF?

A – There are several ways to raise funds during LLF.  All charities must fit the mission of CUF and register with the LLF prior to festival day.  

1) Any Claiborne Parish organization that has fund-raising needs during the year is eligible to register for a booth at the Charity Food Court (specific guidelines can be obtained by contacting lalegendsfest@gmail.com).               

 2) Parish religious and 501(c)3 organizations can apply to be a LLF Charity Partner.  As a LLF Charity Partner, you are awarded points your activities and those interested in your organization earn points for you if they register to be a festival volunteer. At the close of books for the festival, if there is an operating profit, monies more than the seed money for the next festival is designated for charity grants to the Charity Partners based on the points accumulated. 

3) Fund raising organizations can register a LLF Special Event and operate that event under the LLF marketing umbrella.  Register at www.legendsfest.us


Q – How does a charity become a LLF Charity Partner?

A – The LLF Charity Partner program is designed to reflect the mission of “pooled resources”.  The program encourages registered 501(c)3 and religious, youth, school, civic organizations in Claiborne Parish to register and work in the with CUF/LLF in the planning and production of the festival. 


Q – Can I raise money for a national or charity outside of Claiborne Parish?

A – No, we appreciate all the great charity organizations, but LLF is governed by the mission to support Claiborne Parish charities.  Select a local charity and register.


Q – Can I sell my crafts and art at the LLF?

A – Vendors are encouraged to be a part of one of our courts.  Vendor booths can be obtained by registering at www.legendsfest.us.  There is a fee for vendor booths and space is limited.


Q – Can I bring my food truck or catering trailer to Louisiana Legends Fest?

A – No, we love food trucks, but all food offerings for LLF are fundraising opportunities for our registered charities. We also require the charities to select a single item and we have price boundaries.  This promotes an event that can be family friendly, easy on the family budget, offer unique selections, and raise money for local charities. 


Q – It is election time, can candidates set up at the LLF festival?

A – Since the festival is operated as a 501(c)3, the LLF and CUF are non-political.  For that reason, all promotion of, distribution of, and any solicitation by/for a political cause or candidate is restricted to a pre-registered, pre-paid vendor booth. 


Q – I want to help, who do I contact?

A – Thank you.  We need volunteers throughout the year to make this festival happen.  The more volunteers the less burden it places on individuals.  Visit www.legendsfest.us and register.  Please serve on one of our planning committees or volunteer as a LLF Festival Ambassador.  Festival Ambassadors work in the set-up, clean-up, and as hosts during the festival.  Register, select a Chairty Partner for your service (if desired), work your time and get a fun t-shirt (while supplies last) and a food and drink coupon.


Q – What kind of music? Can I perform?

A – LLF features two stages, Main Stage and Gospel Stage.  With limited stage time and a goal for diverse family-friendly music acts, our Talent Team begins work early in the year to identify, audition, and arrange for talent.  This year’s talent line-up is complete.  We are sorry we do not have a stage time for all that want to perform.  The LLF Talent Team knows that music line-up is one of the main reasons people visit the festival and want to come early and stay all day.  If you have a suggestion for next year, please send to lalegendsfest@gmail.com


Q – I see that the festival honors a legend, how is that legend selected?

A – We open public nominations for the Louisiana Legend in February.  Nominations are submitted to the Legends Council and voting takes place during the spring.  


Q – What are the hours of the LLF?

A – The festival area opens at 10 AM on Saturday and the area closes at 6.  The hours are optimum for a day of events and allow attendees to visit one of our area restaurants for dinner!  This year one of our added special events is the LLF Legends Run, a 5k and Fun Run that starts at 8 AM.


Q – I am a registered vendor, when can I set up? Is electricity provided, can I bring a generator?

A – If you are a registered vendor, you will receive specific information one week prior to event.  Some set-ups will begin on Friday, vendors are asked to set-up before 9:00 AM on the day of the event and we ask that you stay until event close at 6 PM.  Power is not provided for the vendor booths. We do not allow generators.

Q – I did not register as a vendor or solicitor can I still participate?

A – No.  All vendors, artist, musicians, solicitors are required to be pre-registered to be on the festival grounds.  


Q – Why is the festival not on the courthouse square?

A – Great question.  Part of our mission is to promote local business.  Blocking the square makes it difficult for our local business to conduct business.  The area centered around the Alabama Kinnebrew Park, provides a safe area for the attendees and easy access to area business, many that will offer special discounts on festival day, the Ford Museum, and event day tours of the beautiful Claiborne Parish Courthouse.


Q – Is seating provided?

A – This year we are adding a section of covered seating near the music stages. You are encouraged to bring your lawn chair, blanket, or a bucket to sit on.  Limited seating is available near the Charity Food Court.  There will be a limited number of festival chairs for sale.


Q – Can I bring a golf cart, four-wheeler, or side-by-side?

A – No, Only LLF registered vehicles are allowed on the festival site.


Q – Will you have handicap parking?

A – Yes, there is designated handicap parking at the corner of South Main and West Third.  There will also be several handicap access toilets.  See festival map for details.


Q – Is the festival indoors or outdoors?

A – The LLF is an outdoor event.  If it rains, bring your rain gear.  Safety for our performers, vendors, volunteers, and guest is top of mind, so unique circumstances may require flexibility from all.


Q – Will there be security?

A – Yes, security is provided through a partnership with the Claiborne Parish Sherrif’s Department and the Homer Police Department.  We are grateful for their support, service, and dedication.


Q – Where do I park?

A – Downtown Homer has multiple parking lots available.  You can visit www.legendfest.us for details or simply ask one of the Town of Homer officers or one of the LLF Ambassadors for directions to the nearest parking lot.  Street parking is allowed, but please be courteous to residents and through traffic.


Q – How much does it cost to attend?

A – Admission is free!  We are requesting you go on-line and obtain admission tickets.  General admission is free and there is no requirement to enter payment information.  This is only possible because we have great sponsors.  Please note their names and thank them.  You can also help by being a sponsor (multiple levels of sponsorship are available), buying LLF merchandise, or purchasing one of our raffle tickets.


Q – Why are you requesting tickets this year?

A – As the festival enters its 3rd year, we are anxious to see how attendance grows.  There are several new and expanded offerings for the festival and we are seeking the most efficient way to plan for the number of visitors in advance.  General tickets to the entire festival are free of charge.


Q – What are the Legends Fest Super Fan and VIP tickets for?

A – As we continue to provide great live music at the event, we have had requests from visitors to have an opportunity to gain special access. This year we are selling special access tickets for the music stage, some amenities, and artist access.  See www.legendsfest.us for details and pricing.


Q – Why should I attend?

A – It is the place to be! Enjoy live music, great food, a wide variety of arts, crafts, and other vendors, a car shine, tours of the historic Claiborne Parish Courthouse, learning more about the resources that Claiborne Parish has to offer all with no admission fee!  Come spend a couple of hours or spend all day!


Q – I can’t attend, but would love to support the festival?

A – Even if you cannot attend, you can support the festival by thanking our sponsors, becoming a sponsor, purchasing LLF merchandise, buying a raffle ticket or simply donating.  www.legendsfest.us is the place for all that information.  


Q – Is there anything else I need to know about the LLF?

A – Sure there is.  First, remember this is not necessarily an event for Claiborne Parish residents, but an invite to those outside the parish to come visit.  We want to show off, why we love living in Claiborne Parish.  Let’s look good, act good, and show Claiborne Parish hospitality!  

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