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Become a La Legends Fest Festival Partner

Opportunities to Raise Funds as a LLF Festival Partner


Q – How can I raise money for my favorite non-profit at LLF?

A – There are several ways to raise funds during LLF.  All charities must fit the mission of CUF and register with the LLF prior to festival day.  CUF reserves the right to determine if the requesting charity qualifies to fit the mission of CUF.


Claiborne Parish religious, school, community groups, clubs and 501(c)3 organizations can apply to be a LLF Non-profit Partner.As a LLF Non-profit Partner you have several ways to earn funds for your organization:


Non-profit Food Court

Any Claiborne Parish organization that has fund-raising needs during the year is eligible to register for a free booth at the Non-profit Food Court (specific guidelines can be obtained by contacting lalegendsfest@gmail.com).


Non-profit Vendor/Informational Booth 

Non-profit Partners are allowed to register for a booth in the vendor area at no charge. (as space allowed).The booth can be used to distribute information, sell wares, or collect for a fund-raiser. These “good for the non-profit partner” activities are restricted to the designated booth area and participation does not count toward Non-profit Partner Points. Money raffles are not allowed at the Non-profit Vendor booth.


Non-profit Partner Points

Non-profit Partner Points are awarded based on individual activities of LLF Volunteers and LLF Ambassadors. At the close of books for the festival, if there is an operating profit, monies more than the seed money for the next festival are designated by the Claiborne Unite Foundation Board of Directors for non-profit grants to the Non-profit Partners based on the points accumulated.


Non-profit Partner Special Events   

Claiborne Unite Foundation may identify Special Events for the Festival. Special events are approved events that work with CUF Mission, use the LLF branding and marketing, but require expertise and volunteer assistance above the bandwidth of Claiborne Unite Foundation.


Claiborne Unite Foundation sets and receives the sponsorship requirements of the event. Claiborne Unite Foundation will fold the event into the event branding and marketing plan. The Non-profit Partner operating the special event is subject to the guidelines of CUF, but are in control of any entry, registration, premiums of the event, revenue, expenses, and proceeds of the event.Special Events maybe capped at direct proceeds before balance is directed to the LLF Non-profit Grant pool. Non-profit Partner Special Event organizations must have prior approval of Claiborne Unite Foundation before approaching potential sponsors.


Event examples: 5K, Car Show, Fishing Tournament, Art Show, Legend Parade, Legend Golf Tournament, Pageants, Clay shoots, Trail Rides, Athletic Tournaments, etc.Non-profit Partner Special Events direct volunteers only accumulate Non-profit Partner Points if the proceeds or activity fulfil the “good for the festival’ criteria. Organizations can register for a LLF Special Event and operate that event under the LLF marketing umbrella.Register at www.legendsfest.us

LLF Partner Registration

LLF Organization Food Vendor Application

LLF Partner Grant information

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