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Online LLF Bass Tournament Registration

On Saturday, October 19, 2024, Kel's Kove RV Park & Marina will host the Louisiana Legends Fest Bass Tournament presented by the Claiborne Parish Watershed District.


Entry Fee: $200 per boat
Big Bass: $20 per person (optional)

Prizes: First Place: $3,000

Second Place: $1,500

Third Place: $500

Start Time: Safe daylight to 2:00pm


Top 3 Winners will be awarded prize money on stage at LA Legends Fest at 4:00 p.m. downtown Homer.


LLF Bass Tournament - October 19, 2024

Lake Claiborne Homer, Louisiana

I am aware that using a watercraft exposes me to certain hazards, including but not limited to injury or death, illness or medical emergency, including the risk of drowning to loss of vessel and/or equipment or other personnel possessions during the use of the watercraft, including the transporting of the vessel and equipment. I hereby release indemnity and hold harmless the organizers of the LLF Bass Tournament, including board members, event organizers, sponsors and anyone associated with this event from any and all labilities, causes of action, claims, demands, costs or debts of any nature arising out of negligence or otherwise. I assume all risks of the vessel and equipment. In transport and use by me, and all potential hazards and dangerous conditions associated with its use and transport. I assume responsibility for all such risks and hazards associated with this event and have read and understand the rules of this tournament.

Entry Fees
Entry Fee (Per Boat)$200
Big Bass (1 per person)$20
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